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Online & Digital Learning: Love or Hate it?

Part 2 of 3 article series

This is the second article in the 3 part article series on online and digital learning. In the first article, I discussed my first experiences of online and digital learning and why many organisations fail to make digital learning stick. In this article, I’ve come up with 14 reasons why learning and development professionals should embrace digital learning but I think I could find more:

Face to face learning is always required in every learning organisation, especially as learning is about the application in the workplace and mirroring employee’s work scenarios and for the majority of people that tends to happen face-to-face.   We need in-person learning for those challenging discussions, observation, relationship building, engagement, visibility and to observe and learn from others through their facial and bodily cues.

Learner maturity means that people can be facilitated to learn online.  Digital learning gives learning professionals more tools in our toolbox to work with, which adds to our credibility and ability to solve complex client situations.  We can certainly repurpose content into digital learning products, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel but you always need to go back to the design process and question the impact of the changes on customer experience and if it’s possible to replicate it and still be effective. If we can’t meet the learners need through digital learning, we should force it to fit, as the digital learning won’t serve it purpose and people won’t engage. The phrase “putting lipstick on a pig” comes to mind.

In the next article, I share examples of successful online and digital learning initiatives from personal experiences successfully implementing learning.

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