Working with new clients or projects, our process begins with exploration, asking insightful questions and analysing any key documents and information provided.  However, if a client already knows what solution they want, e.g. an employee survey, then the process is more straightforward and we move towards design.

If this is a complex organisation challenge or an innovative solution is required the we may need to delve deeper to explore and discover our options.  The beauty of hiring an external consultant is that they can offer an new and unique perspective. However, when we successfully uncover your particular organisational challenge need or want, we are then on the road to delivering your desired outcome.

This is where I either launch straight into delivery for standard product delivery or begin scoping, designing and delivering on more complex solutions.

Based on my roadmap and project plan, I now get to work on delivering your solution, keeping you informed at intervals that you request and keeping you informed about any challenges or influences that may change (positively or negatively) the scope of work.

Now it’s time to launch into analysis. Depending on the required the solution and what you prefer, the analysis can range from a brief discussion with you and/ or your team to a full blown analysis including primary (internal analysis inside your company using surveys,1:1 interviews, focus groups and desktop research) to secondary research (external trends and competitor analysis) delivered over a period of time.

This then results in the creation of a strategy and roadmap to delivering your final solution. We work in partnership to create action plans that you’re happy with it.

When the solution is delivered at the summit, depending on what was agreed upon at the outset, I can support the evaluation and analysis of the solution where appropriate. I then like to gain feedback from the client on what worked well and where we can improve.

Thankfully, my feedback is always positive, but although I reflect on my own personal performance, it’s helpful to gain the client’s perspective.

We want to help you to achieve peak performance on both a professional and personal level by supporting you to move your team and your leadership performance to a higher level.


We work with leaders, senior teams and individuals across in the private, public and third sectors. Blended Learning Studio focuses on maximising business performance through people. We offer bespoke learning and development solutions including 1:1 leadership coaching; MBTI leadership assessments; team 360-degree feedback; team coaching and action learning.


If you’re interested in working with Blended Learning Studio and accessing our services, then please complete fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you prefer, you can e-mail us directly at


Blended Learning Studio designs both bespoke and company branded 360 assessment from scratch or sources third-party solutions for your company. Team and company-wide 360-degree assessments in cohorts are provided.

Each 360 assessment enables individuals, teams and companies to understand how their team’s performance and behaviour are perceived by others to improve the team’s ways of working.

This assessment should be carried in teams of 6 or more. This package includes a bespoke feedback questionnaire, a comprehensive anonymised report and an action-planning / coaching session for each 360-degree assessment participant.

Claudine has delivered bespoke 360-degree performance assessments to clients at CMS LLP and ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers).


Action learning is an effective method that helps teams to problem – solve and improve their performance collectively.

Action learning sets are delivered in client groups with a facilitator, who helps the team to work through a challenging work issue or opportunity. Ideally, these sessions should be run in groups of 6 over four sessions at a minimum.

Claudine has delivered a series of action learning sets to clients at PwC and East Thames Group (now L&Q).


Are you looking to achieve a particular goal? Are you interested in improving your performance and gaining better results? One-to-one coaching is a form of learning, where a person (a coach) support someone else (a coachee) to learn and self-development in a way that benefits them.

Blended Learning Pro coaching sessions are delivered face-to-face at a convenience location of your choice. The sessions are packaged in a six-session bundle. Along with the sessions, each client is provided with a development plan and regular progress reviews.

Claudine has delivered coaching sessions for individual clients as well as coaching at East Thames Group, CMS and her passion for coaching has also led her to volunteer for the NHS Leadership Academy’s coaching pool, where she has provided coaching to senior NHS directors as well as junior employees.


Blended Learning Studio works with organisations to design annual employee, engagement or feedback surveys. We can support businesses to answer the questions that you want. We then design and manage the surveys on your behalf.

Finally, we provide you with both a comprehensive full and high-level management report with the analysis breakdown and recommendations.
Claudine has delivered on similar projects for clients across her career including when working with various clients at a niche consultancy and as a third-party provider for the University of London.


Does your learning team operate at optimal efficiency? Have you minimised time, reduce costs and increased the quality of your services to your business? Does every member of your team understand their individual areas of accountability with no overlap of responsibilities? Is fire – fighting an infrequent occurrence rather than your everyday way of working?

If you would like to review your team’s ways of working to ensure that they work effectively, minimizing duplication of effort, waste and costs.

If you would like to ensure that you can monitor and review your team’s responsibilities, ensure that there is clear accountability and that everyone understands how their individual role contributes to team.

Blended Learning Studio can audit and process map your team’s responsibilities and services, provide recommendations for improvements and a new productive way of working.

Claudine has delivered on similar projects at CMS LLP, Thomson Reuters and other individual client assignments.


Would you like a learning workshop or major event designed bespoke? Would you like hold an event that delivers your expectations and gets everyone giving positive feedback?

Blended Learning Studio specialises in design bespoke learning workshops and events by working with clients to build their event using a range of tried and tested learning systems that really target the needs and culture of their audience.

Using our instructional design skills, we will get under the skins of your team and your company to understand what really matters to them and what they want to change or build on via this unique event.

Claudine is a highly skilled instructional design with over 10 years of learning design experience. She has designed bespoke solutions for a range of clients including but not limited to CMS, Government Finance, PwC, SCS Railways and Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Does your organisation want to explore ‘micro-learning, just in time or anytime learning options into their learning offerings to meet the diverse needs of your global employees? Is your organisation open to exploring how to incorporate more blended learning into the learning products?

To respond to the diverse needs of employees across our evolving global environments, organisations are increasingly having to provide a variety of learning options that meet the varied needs of their employees.

At Blended Learning Studio, we can support your organisation to identify what those needs are; recommend a number of cost-effective solutions and design those solutions in-house. These products can be designed using Adobe Articulate, Camtasia, Microsoft I-Spring, Adobe Cloud Suite (including Indesign and Photoshop, Premiere Pro), Microsoft PowerPoint or any other responsive learning design tools.

Claudine has designed learning solutions throughout her careers including for companies such as PwC, Government Finance and SCS Railways (client for HS2).


Would you interested in learning about preferred leadership style or how to label and identify the behavioural preferences/styles of your colleagues?

MTBI is a world-renowned development tool, which can help you to understand your preferred behavioural preferences (and those of your team) and how they impact others.

Claudine has delivered on similar assessments at PwC, Thomson Reuters Foundation and individual clients such as those at the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

360 degree feedback participants and the respondents at work


Are you interested in improving how your team interacts with each other? Would you like to enhance your team’s motivation and performance?

To support you to maximise your team’s performance, we offer a bespoke facilitated workshop and a coaching session for member of your team using a framework learnt at the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring.

Similar but differing from action learning sets, team coaching uses facilitative coaching techniques with both teams and individual sessions to helps the team to work through a challenging work issue or opportunity

Claudine has delivered a series of team coaching sessions to clients at PwC and East Thames Group (now L&Q).


Would you like to understand how you respond to conflict? Would you like to label and understand the conflict styles used by your colleagues?

This assessment helps teams and individuals to understand their preferred conflict style(s) and how their style influences their interactions with others.

360 degree feedback participants and the respondents at work


Are you aware of your core strengths and those of your colleagues? Would you like to enhance your team’s performance, motivation and self-esteem?

Explore your team’s strengths using the Clifton StrengthFinder© toolkit.

This tool helps you and your team to identify, discuss and develop your unique skills, talents and knowledge.


Would you like to refresh or totally redesign your organisation’s learning strategy? Are you interested in aligning your organisation’s learning offerings to your business strategy? Does your organisation want to design a new talent or leadership development programme?

Learning consultancy services can be offered, for example, where our consultant works in-house with your key stakeholders to design your learning strategy; to align your talent or learning offerings or to design a suite of learning programmes for employees, managers and leadership to drive your business strategy forward.

Claudine has produced a number of L&D strategy for a number of clients, that due to confidentiality can be shared on request.


Developing an evaluation strategy for your learning initiatives and ensure that it becomes business as usual can be challenging. Equally finding the time to both complete the design and launch of a learning initiative and ensure that you outline the desirable success outcomes, tangible and intangible benefits can be difficult.

If you would like support to develop your team’s evaluation strategy or you would like an evaluation solution for a high-profile learning initiative, then Blended Learning Studio can support you to develop it.

Claudine has developed learning evaluation strategies for CMS LLP, East Thames Group and Government Finance.


Working with clients from the outset of their learning design journey, Blended Learning Studio can support teams and business to analysis their business priorities, strategy for the future, competitor analysis, technical skills gaps, needs, wants and interests.

We can support you to develop a business case for learning design as well as outline a bespoke learning solution that meets the needs of your target audience.

Using both primary and secondary research techniques, as well as tried and tested learning design systems; Blended Learning Studio can design learning initiatives that deliver on their initial desired learning outcomes.

Claudine has designed bespoke learning solutions for clients including CMS LLP, Government Finance, PwC, SCS Railways and Thomson Reuters.


Blended Learning Studio has successfully delivered a range of learning solutions to a range of global clients across the private, public and third sectors.

If for any reason, we are unable to deliver your solutions due to its complexity and scale; we can certainly project manage the delivery of that solutions using a range of third-party affiliates.

This will enable teams to focus on their other team priorities while ensuring that a solution is delivered for a complex learning initiative.

Blended Learning Studio can support you to source providers that suits your budget, present the scope of the learning design and requirements to the provider, test and quality assure them, manage the delivery of your solution amongst providers and ensure that the solution is successfully implemented.

If you’re interested in working with Blended Learning Studio and accessing our services, then please complete fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you prefer, you can e-mail us directly at