testimonials and recommendations


“I really enjoyed the coaching process and feel it has helped me become more self-aware. I also really enjoy actively reflecting now and feel it helps me in my professional planning and looking forward by thinking and feeling my way through how things have been going and where I would like to get to it. I feel the coaching facility as part of the wider FLP course is really quite essential as it allows a safe place to really deep dive into the theories and experiences drawn from the course itself.” 

“Claudine was extremely sensitive to my personal circumstances thus ensuring that I got the best out of the sessions that I attended. She was willing very accommodative to my work schedules and very helpful in helping me navigate the process of understanding how to improve my managerial competences and move from team leader to a trusted mentor and coach by my team.”

“I appreciated the candour of the coach as well as the links to extra reading material. I liked the fact that this was a total stranger (and not a colleague) from the onset so there were no preconceived judgements on either side. Additionally, it was not a typical UN personality so we are able to discuss matters not in a UN centric way which can tend to be limiting. The ability to have the various meetings virtually was a fantastic bonus as the scheduling calendar was a great tool and it made the entire process that much more simpler and enjoyable.”

“I can confidently state that the coaching sessions I received during the [redacted] program were among the best experiences I’ve ever went through. True and genuine expertise was professionally provided by my coach (Claudine Charles), which helped me to start a thoughtful and well-planned change process to enhance my professional and personal life. The coach has intelligently connected the topics of the course I’ve chosen (Science of Success) to the topics we discussed in the coaching sessions which made it much easier to me to relate and digest the notes, remarks and valuable inputs provided by the coach.”

“Claudine’s coaching has been very beneficial for me and for my career. Her patience, interpersonal skills, compassion and expertise are next to none. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering career coaching to further their career.”

“With thanks to my lovely coach Claudine for her dedicated support, I acknowledge with gratitude – coaching helped me set my priorities straight when I was struggling with some professional dilemmas. My conversations with my coach helped me to explore my inner self.”

“Ms. Charles is an outstanding individual and a phenomenal coach. She is attentive to details and create a comfortable safe place which allowed me to be completely transparent not only with Ms. Charles but with myself as well. This was my first ever experience with a coach and I am happy that Ms. Charles provided that experience for me. She is a great listener and encouraged me to think and focus. This have been an invaluable experience. Thanks.”

” Claudine was very detailed in her presentation. She offered great insight into what works, what to avoid and how to do things effectively and efficiently. She took the time to answer ALL of my questions. I have gained so much knowledge from this class and once I apply it, I know I will see results. Excellent class! Will definitely take more classes..”

” I was incredibly impressed with the breadth of areas covered during this consultation. We covered so many topics and everything Claudine shared was incredibly valuable. The consultation went well over and above what I was expecting to receive. The session was perfectly paced, and Claudine was happy to go back over the few areas that I required some further clarification on. I’ve used several free and paid trainings in the time that I’ve operated my business, but I was honestly surprised by how much new information I was able to learn from Claudine. She really stands out as an expert in her field and I’m just sorry that I hadn’t done this sooner as I already know that what I’ve learned is going to positively impact my business.